The vegetable cathedral of Mauri, The First Oak

The vegetable cathedral of Mauri, The First Oak

The Vegetal Cathedral of Giuliano Mauri


“The First Oak” Association Giuliano Mauri


“The dimensions are those of a real Cathedral formed by columns of intertwined branches on the outside of each column is planted a plant, with cuts and pruning, will be adapted over the years to form a real Plant Cathedral. When the structure will disappear, the trees will remain as evidence of the works of man”.

In November, after the safety of the work, the sponsors and the municipal administration, give life to the Vegetable Cathedral of Mauri, planting the 108 oaks, 60 cm high, inside the wooden columns that make up the 5 aisles. The inauguration is scheduled for March 2017.

Event strongly desired by the Association Giuliano Mauri and the Municipality of Lodi to thank all those who have allowed the construction of the Vegetal Cathedral and to give life all together to the work of Giuliano Mauri.

Milan Green Point technical sponsor

Press Office: Alessandra Pozzi