A country house overlooking the Gulf of Paraggi

A country house overlooking the Gulf of Paraggi

In the hills overlooking the Gulf of Paraggi, an unparalleled property is diluted between farmsteads and terraces.

a magical place, a very mild microclimate that allows fruit-bearing varieties such as avocato, mango and very rare species of citrus fruits to bear fruit.

Our project has foreseen the conservative recovery of the farmhouse and the terracing with local dry stone walls.

Among the terraces we have provided for the insertion of a new swimming pool leaning against the dry stone walls that develops on one of the terraces.

The vegetation has been carefully recovered, enhanced and integrated with other species of fruit trees.

Most of the terraces are home to ancient varieties of olive trees for the production of oil.

It is a place where the light from the reverberation gives a special atmosphere.


Renovation of a country house on the gulf

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi


Golfo di Paraggi






8.000 mq


Blackout: light design