Alhambra Park at Segrate

Alhambra Park at Segrate

The competition: “Project for the redevelopment of public green areas in the district of Rovagnasco in the municipality of Segrate”, concerned the area of the Alhambra Park, for which the project does not provide for a simple redevelopment but an ex novo rearrangement of the area.the assignment concerned the executive design and the supervision of the works.

The amount of the works was about 2 billion old lire and corresponded to about, given the size of the area, a very small figure compared to the size of the area, so we had to invent simple and effective ideas to redevelop these green areas.

The use of colour was the winning idea to create small artefacts such as bridges, parapets, entrances and furnishings. The cobalt blue colour that we chose did not vary the economic value of the intervention but allowed us to highlight some areas that we redeveloped also from the point of view of the tree plant.


Landscape project, executive and work supervision for Giardini Alhambra

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi

Lucio Zanfi

Location Segrate, Milano

Year 1998

Client Private

Area 250.000 mq


Paolo Cottini ed Ernesto Mistrangelo: botanical survey and agronomic advice

Farina Guido srl: building works


Dario Fusaro