Garden in Carnate

Garden in Carnate

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An Irish client, who loved the huge spaces of his native country, was looking for a place able to provide again air and light.

In the context of our first inspection we identified two small houses full of materials, with dark columns and a garden characterized by the coexistence of an infinite variety of overlapping trees.

Our first approach was that to remove, prune and clean.

Next we have opened some visual windows and used only light colors. Thus, our architecture did renovate a lighter, cleaner and single view.

Inside we have added a new spa with swimming pool plus what could be used to create a modern residence. Nearly all the trees have removed from the garden, thus bringing again to life a splendid steeple of Cupressus arizonica, that had been completely buried by other trees.

We have made only a few walls in white painting, that replaced the shapeless terraces and a single material was chosen to resolve all the external surfaces (floors, stairs and walls).

To conclude our sofa “Gastone” (of the line Landscape Forniture) consisting of an artificial steeple was inserted in the garden, with a dialogue with the whole context.


Renovation of a residential building with garden

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi


Carnate, Monza






1100 mq


Blackout: light design

De Santis: construction

Fantini Mosaici: mosaics and marbles

Piante Spertini Laveno: greenery


Dario Fusaro