Historical park, Macherio

Historical park, Macherio

In a landscape park that was renovated at the beginning of the 20th century by Emilio Alemagna (the architect of the Sempione Park in Milan), an historical house is back to its original splendor and its full recuperation has allowed to return again to life this ancient property of the Visconti.


The park is one of the most significant examples of landscape parks in Lombardia, placed at the top of the ground in order to signify power and also to offer an important visual prospective on the surrounding landscape.


After having heard the requests of the client, we have inspected the site and after a careful cleaning and pruning we have regained the original structure of the park. Nature evolves with time and transforms the landscape according to its own rhythms but, at the same time, it maintains everything and this was the case, revealing a hidden treasure.


Our intervention on the historical park did develop according to different levels of re-establishment of the background and recuperation of the previous settings. We did design a afresh avenues, the insertion of a new orangerie, a waterfall, a new park entry and we also re-established the fountain and parterre of the original Belvedere.


This was for us an unique experience, because we could collaborate closely with the well-known international artist Simon Benetton, who implemented our project with great accuracy.


In the farm area we have inserted new stables, a paddock and a biodynamic garden.


The respect for the past time and the accrual of the various previous interpretations allowed us to follow with a slow pace a path of full renovation of the Neo-baroque style of the original house.


Landscaping of a historic park

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi


Simon Benetton




since 1991, in progress




250.000 mq


Blackout: light design

Fantini Mosaici: mosaics and cobblestones

Giacomo Tiraboschi: agronomist

Officina dei giardini: winter gardens