In the woods of a historic park, a glasshouse

In the woods of a historic park, a glasshouse

In a historical property near Monza, the client asks us to design an extension to make the former porter’s lodge inhabitable, as part of the complete restoration of the entire property.

The site, although strongly characterized by architectural and vegetable presences, ancient and valuable, had led the customer to think it was in masonry, but, where the landscape has a very important historical importance, it is essential to put in continuity ‘visual nature with the architecture;

so we were inspired in the design of a new transparent architecture, set in the existing land and in the new terraces that would reflect as a reflecting surface, the lights and colors of the natural forest that surrounds it.


Project of a greenhouse in an historical landscape park

Landscape and architectural designer 

Patrizia Pozzi


Simon Benetton



Year 2007




Blackout: light design

Fantini Mosaici: mosaics and cobblestones

Giacomo Tiraboschi: agronomist

Officina dei giardini: winter gardens