“Kitchen Garden” Fuori Salone event 2006

“Kitchen Garden” Fuori Salone event 2006

Communication and contact have always been an opportunity for comparison to understand people’s tastes, needs and trends.  In our studio, we have always dedicated time and resources to make people better acquainted with the world of nature.

Kitchen garden is an installation of “Ville Giardini” which was designed by us with the set designer Angelo Jelmini. Literally Kitchen garden means vegetable garden and blends the meaning of the two places kitchen and garden, in a space where daily and symbolic functions exchange roles in a playful and joyful way. The garden is brought to the table and the table becomes a garden within the domestic environment. Historically, the gardening activity consisted exclusively in the management of a productive vegetable garden and the herb garden. Today’s garden is born from the desire to make history and contemporaneity coexist: the result is a garden of delights year 2000 with a strong symbolic value, in harmony and respect for the environment and biodiversity.


Equipment for Salone del Mobile


Patrizia Pozzi

Angelo Jelmini/AAAHHHAAA


Viale Pasubio, Milano






Fratelli Ingegnoli


Donna Brown: flower designer

Alfonso Montefusco: food designer