New Ikea center in Catania

New Ikea center in Catania

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After having asked us to prepare “the new international guidelines” for the landscape spaces, Ikea Italy also asked us to implement a landscape project that was able to provide the Ikea center with a coordinated image linked to the new context.


Our idea was to look for a natural element, typical of the place, to be used as image. We did inspire ourselves from the figue tree typical of the area. The profile of the figue leaf was used to draw the parterre of the way to the children playground, the paths and the new sights toward the entry.


The parking area was based with the concept of breaking the line in order to offer a more naturel effect obtained by means of mediterranean plants, typical of the area, with a forest-life effect.


Landscape for the new IKEA complex

Landscape designer 

Patrizia Pozzi








18.000 mq


Lara Riguccio: agronomist

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