New urban square, Piazza Italia, San Giuliano

New urban square, Piazza Italia, San Giuliano

The aim of the project is to give back to the citizens of San Giuliano Milanese a new square to increase sociality and aggregation. We want to involve all users, including children,  to create new inclusive areas (also for the disabled) and aggregation, out of school.

The new urban square proposes an entirely usable space with naturalistic and sustainable connotations: recreating a natural ‘forest’ effect. For this reason a single species was chosen, rustic with a strong ornamental character, the Ginkgo biloba, known for the particular golden color of its leaves, which in autumn, once fallen, create a parterre effect.
The arrangement of the trees helps to define small sub-squares and the position of the seats create new aggregative spaces to accommodate the various users.


New urban square, Piazza Italia, San Giuliano

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi with Gaia Pozzi, Valentina Cardani, Federica Baruffi, Marta Mus, Giorgio Pasetto


San Giuliano


2020-in progress


Comune di San Giuliano


4300 mq