“Nidi d’uomo” Fuori Salone event, Milano 2008

“Nidi d’uomo” Fuori Salone event, Milano 2008

In the heart of Milan, immersed in the greenery of the Ingegnoli Garden – a historic landmark for landscape lovers – there is a new domestic habitat populated by unexpected creatures and creations, capable of following an unusual itinerary that leads man to dialogue with the natural world.

The visitor enters a new space to live in, a large nest with transparent eggs – greenhouse (CASMA Casas Cas Cas Cascoli Edilizi), with intertwined wooden rods (ATELIER FORTE).

Accompanied by unusual travel companions, penguins with their eggs, giant bears and turtles (made in mosaic by TREND on the inspiration of the world of Cracking Art) the visitor experiences new flavors in a nest kitchen (ecogeneration project by BOSCH), walks along the street and rests lulled by nature (leaves and living surfaces made of post-consumer recycled glass agglomerate, the new product Green by TREND).

Like a child, the visitor participates in a game where human and natural contaminate, blend and communicate in a fun macroscopic alphabet.

As part of the event, the line of woven willow nest chairs by Anna Patrucco of Salix were presented.


Installation at Spazio Ingegnoli during Design Week


Patrizia Pozzi

Angelo Jelmini/AAAAHHHAAA studio




Donna Brown: flower designer

Montefusco: chef

Duilio Forte: Atelier Forte