Panoramic garden in Stresa

Panoramic garden in Stresa

A villa on top of a hill overlooking Isola Madre, must be transformed into a holiday resort.
All around we had to rebuild the accesses in the first place, without losing, but enhancing the suggestive lake view.

The external space, around the villa, has been articulated through the landscape project inserting new points of interest: a greenhouse, a belvedere, a forest, an orchard and a swimming pool.

The botanical choices revolve around the world of Mediterranean pinewoods that are well adapted to the mild climate of the lake. Particular importance has been given to the main staircase in Burgundy stone that acts as a visual cone towards Isola Madre and is designed with height differences that accommodate pockets of olive trees.

The project aims to accentuate the depth and interest of this place.


Panoramic garden on the lake

Landscape designer 

Patrizia Pozzi


Brisino, Stresa


Since 2007, in progress




1.200 mq