Renovation of a historic house with garden

Renovation of a historic house with garden

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An ancient dwelling, abandoned for years, is one of the few with such a large garden overlooking the Martesana.

The project has provided for the renovation of the main villa and the porter’s lodge which has been used as a SPA with indoor swimming pool, offices and garage. Over time this place had lost its historical peculiarities and the few remaining examples had been suffocated by warehouses and outdoor parking lots. The material chosen, an Indian stone split in warm colors, has allowed to create and cover both the paths and the embankments and facades.

The integrated project has radically changed the landscape image of this place making it not only more liveable but also ready to be used by a family composed of children, grandparents and grandchildren.


Garden realization of a historic house


Patrizia Pozzi

Sonia Calzoni


Via San Mamete, Milano






800 mq


Fantini Mosaici: mosaics and marbles

Fantini Impresa: building works

Pollice Illuminazione: light design

Piante Spertini Laveno: green works


Matteo Piazza

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