The value of time

The value of time

Historical background

The state of conservation of this portion of the village showed clear signs of abandonment and there was a need to create new backdrops to hide the presence of walls and roads subsequently created.


The project accompanies the prerogative of this place, set on an escarpment and on various terraces, creating new backdrops and new plant architecture but above all generating a space that could be practicable on several levels and therefore open up new views.
The client asked for the insertion of a new orangery, a new swimming pool and a waterfall.

Building site

The construction phases involved very long construction times both for the acquisition of permits and for the construction of the structural containment of the land.
In addition, by choice, we deliberately inserted the new orangery in the ground as a “hinge” that would connect the house on the floor of the new swimming pool that was located above, where the “temple of love” already existed.

Before and after

This place, of sixteenth-century origin, brought with it the overlapping of different interventions carried out in different periods: streets, houses and artifacts inserted without an overview.

The landscape and perspective views

The mending of the seabed and the integration with the surrounding landscape, through the enhancement of new perspective views, has created new privileged points of view

Natural light, both day and night, cuts through the architecture creating delicate plays of light and shadow and for this reason very little artificial light has been added.


The attention to detail can be seen in the choice of materials: terracotta bricks (7 x 14 x 28cm), cast iron vases, stucco glass walls, recovered split stones and stonework (recovered from excavations).

The harmonious combination of these elements warms the place, thus preserving its historical connotations.

Project Recovery of the historical park of Villa Mimosa

Landscape and architectural designer Patrizia Pozzi

Location San Colombano, Milan

Year dal 1997, in progress

Client Private

Area 12.000 mq


Ernesto Mistrangelo: agronomist

Stefano Castaldi: gardener

Mati Plants: green works

A.M. Casale: green works