A landscape garden

A landscape garden

Among the silent hills of Monferrato, in an agricultural landscape inlaid with historical villages, stands an ancient farmhouse of enormous charm.  Nature asks us to patch up this property, once abandoned and now beautifully restored, with the surrounding landscape.

With a careful and delicate look we have identified the preciousness of the place, the strengths and the critical points… a fundamental analysis to be able to open, with attention and respect towards the botanical pre-existences, new perspective views towards the hilly territory with its soft and sinuous course.

Plant backdrops characterized by laurels, hornbeams, viburnums and parrotie have been positioned at the limits of the property, enriching the context and generating new cuts of light. All around, linked by an elegant and soft lawn (Zoysia Japonica) we have designed orchards, olive groves and a swimming pool with turquoise reflections overlooking the landscape.

And finally, clouds of extensive varieties of grasses, combined with white and pink blooms of Gaure, Achillee, Anemoni Verbene, Echinacee, Aster and many others wrap the various terraces giving back an overview without boundaries to revive the ambition of this garden to feel like a new landscape.


Landscape project for the garden of an old farmhouse in Monferrato

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi con Stefano Dentice di Accadia,  Caterina Garampazzi, Valentina Cardani e Sabina Chiodi


Grazzano Badoglio, Asti






4.700 mq