A new vegetal frame for Pietro Fiorentini in Desenzano

A new vegetal frame for Pietro Fiorentini in Desenzano

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As part of the redevelopment of one of the industrial buildings of Pietro Fiorentini in Desenzano, we created a new setting for the area in front of the entrance and a place of refreshment and relaxation for the canteen area.


The Betula utilis “Jacquemontii” is the protagonist of the intervention, appropriately welcomed inside galvanized steel rings-containers. The whole area is surrounded by different varieties of Bamboo, chosen for the chromatic peculiarity of their leaves. A specimen of Maple polymorph captures the attention of the canteen area.


Redevelopment project of the external areas of the Pietro Fiorentini complex

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi with Caterina Garampazzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia and  Valentina Cardani


Desenzano del Garda, Brescia




Pietro Fiorentini S.p.a.


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