A garden in the center of Milan

A garden in the center of Milan

In the center or Milan in an old house typical of the Lombardy tradition, an abandoned garden is transformed, revolving around the most lived rooms of the house: the sitting room, the dining room, the office…

These new views were made possible thanks to the insertion of a new greenhouse fully made in glass and open.

We have also linked the first floor and the terrace, in order to provide visual continuity to the garden also from the high floors where the sleeping rooms are placed.

When we arrived there there was already a big willow to which we have inserted a large camelia DEBBIE, together with bulbous, that with the dwarfs (protectors of the woods) have made enchanting the place.

The intervention of Anna Patrucco of Salix has ironically created new woven willow panelling in order to raise the creepers. Our sofà “Gastone”, by Evergreen Town in synthetic grass of the line Landscape Furniture, has nicely furnished the garden, together our lamp “Ramett” by Luce&light.


Architectural and landscaping project for a garden apartment with and insertion of a new greenhouse, in an ex-portineria of a building in the heart of Milan.

Landscape and architectural designer 

Patrizia Pozzi








Davide Forti