A new swimming pool in a historic park in San Colombano

A new swimming pool in a historic park in San Colombano

In a historic property in the hills at the foot of the Castle of San Colombano, the client asks us to design a new swimming pool, as part of the full restoration of the entire village. The site is strongly characterized by architectural presences, ancient and valuable, around the main villa had led the client to think of locating it as close as possible to his home, where the landscape has a very important historical importance, often gives no importance to the most marginal, abandoned, perhaps submerged by vegetation ….

Instead, it is precisely these places that stimulate reuse, position and connotations both material and spatial. This place The “temple of love”, immersed in the historicity of the surrounding landscape and located in the highest position of the land, has inspired us the project of the new swimming pool.  A simple surface able to reflect the lights and colors of the evening, overlooking the ancient tile roofs of the village below.


Landscape and architectural restoration with the construction of a swimming pool

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi


San Colmbano






9.000 mq


Dott.re Ernesto Mistrangelo: agronomist


Stefano Castaldi: giardener

Piante Mati: green works

A.M. Casale: green works


Dario Fusaro