A swimming pool among the Monferrato hills

A swimming pool among the Monferrato hills

In the middle of nowhere, among the Monferrato hills, in the frame of an integral renovation of a farm and its fields, it was not easy to place a 16-meter swimming pool with a waterfall infinity.

The tendency, when a new swimming pool is planned and where the landscape has an important visual role, is to place it as close as possible to the living place of the owner.

In this instance this choice would be the easiest one, because the ground all around is very steep, but we know that the best position of the swimming pool is inside the landscape and its features, both spatial and dimensional.

In this site, buried among the growth of pits, a terrace obtained at the border of the cultivated soil has inspired us a project of simple and linear surface, able to reflect the lights and colors of the surrounding countryside.

So an obstacle became an opportunity, at the borderline between the surface and horizon in the upfront hills, as consequence of the steepness that originally was representing the main obstacle.


Landscaping project and construction of new underground architecture and waterfall pool in the vineyards

Landscape and architectural designer 

Patrizia Pozzi

with Valentina Cardani, Stefano Dentice di Accadia, Caterina Garampazzi and Sabina Chiodi


Mombello Monferrato, Alessandria






16.000 mq


Dott.re Ernesto Mistrangelo: agronomist


HW Style: green works

Impresa Edile Patrucco: building works


Patrizia Pozzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia, Valentina Cardani