Dominio Bagnoli, Padova

Dominio Bagnoli, Padova

In an ancient Brolo of the 17th century, between the Goldoni’s Green Theatre, the old wineries and the church lives a family that was able to develop methods of wine production more and more advanced.


Inside the Brolo a new natural enchanted forest was required by the client, being useful both for the biomass heating system and the nesting and feeding of water birds that lived in the adjacent water space.


The implementation of the forest was carried out by mean of methods of reforestation from the Forestale, thus using very small plants with naked roots, necessary for a fast growth, vegetation turnover and the production of timber.


Reforestation of the Dominio Bagnoli

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi


Bagnoli di Sopra, Padova




Dominio di Bagnoli – Azienda Agricola


55.000 mq


Dario Fusaro