“Giardino sintetico”, Fuorisalone 2002

“Giardino sintetico”, Fuorisalone 2002

Communication and contact have always been an opportunity for comparison to understand people’s tastes, needs and trends.  In our studio, we have always dedicated time and resources to make people better acquainted with the world of nature.

In our previous studio in Corso Venezia, located in an ancient 18th century palace, we decided, with a pioneering spirit, to bring the world of nature into the design week as an event of the fuorisalone. We did so, in a provocative sense, bringing visitors into contact with an “artificial” nature.

Our line of outdoor furniture in artificial hedge “landscape forniture” was born on this occasion and was presented inside the courtyard. In those years the theme of the “Italian garden” was often used as a testimony of our tradition, so we wanted to subvert this idea by transforming the boxwood hedges into a series of seats. It was a unique opportunity to be in contact with people who, incredulous and a little surprised, had begun to ask themselves questions about nature and the domestic habitat….




Patrizia Pozzi

Paola Bellini




Patrizia Pozzi


Blackout: light design

Fantini Mosaici: marbles and mosaics

Landscape Furniture: garden furniture

Serralunga: luminous vases