Harbour in Valona, Albania

Harbour in Valona, Albania

“Live the nature”.

I was inspired by this concept to implement this project of mitigation.

I was walking for hours along the beach to grasp which were the prevailing natural forces: the clouds running in the sky, the Aleppo pines, the tamerics bended by the wind, a shell found on the beach… a few sketches were the birth of this project.


The natural spiral shape of the shells did create an involving and protective architecture, linked to the landscape. The living houses were connected to the sand and naturally placed on different levels. The tower contains in its spire a meeting room, a museum and a view space.


Few materials were being used: the white color of the clouds and the stones from the neighboring caves.


Landscape and architecture for a new port of oil products

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi

Executive project

ENERECO engineering and service

Water project and maritime works



Valona, Albania




PIR Group, an important operator of port logistics that concretely supports the taste for beauty in the company culture


60.000 mq


Davide Forti