Headquarter Vodafone Italia

Headquarter Vodafone Italia

The project for the new Vodafone Italy headquarter was driven by a specific request from the client to obtain the LEED certification without affecting the results and the elegant and unitary landscape view.


We succeeded and we were the first in Italy.


LEED is synonymous of sustainability, low maintenance efforts and poor water consumption. The idea was to look for a plant that could be adequate to reduce the spatial fragmentation and create an unified ambient. For these reasons our choice was bamboo.


There are 200 species of bamboo in the world and we used 25 of them, with heights variable between 15 cm and 12 meters (the giant).


It is a light and elegant tree who requires little maintenance and water requirement and that, if well distributed, can be easily adapted to provide infinite chromatic effects and shapes.


The main material used to cover the walls and floors was the light cement produced by ItalCementi, able to absorb fine particles. All the greening insertions are placed on the ground and on the insole.


With a small variety of plants and materials we have given back to this place a comprehensive view that, owing to its unity, had provided beauty, elegance, softness and welcoming.


Landscape project for the “Vodafone Village” complex

Green areas and photovoltaic garden with LEED certification

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi

Architectural designer

Arch. Gantes






Real Estate Center Srl


11.000 mq