Hotel Mandarin Oriental Lake Como

Hotel Mandarin Oriental Lake Como

In the Como Lake, a new exotic landscape surrounds the Mandarin Oriental Resort.


The waterfront had to be fully replanted and this was implemented on insole in 4 months only, starting from the lawn project that stems from the features of the leaves of the graffitis in the main Villa, with new paths that allow to grasp the natural beauty of the lake boards.


Trachycarpus fortunel e Chamaerops humils define a spatial rhythm and create new depths surrounded by a cushion including more than 50 different types of perennial flowers. Across the Spring and Autum seasons it is surprising to notice the variety and multitude of flowers, leaves and related colors.


Finally there is a new green wall 15 meters high, inspired to baroque motifs. As a curtain it receives the new weds and frames the place dedicated to the wedding ceremonies, everything being magically caressed by the continuously changing lights in this shore of the Como lake.


Landscaping project for the environmental restoration of the Resort Mandarin Oriental Lake Como

Project Manager 

Stefania Campestri

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi

with Caterina Garampazzi, Valentina Cardani, Stefano Dentice di Accadia and Sabina Chiodi

Interior Designer

Eric Egan

Light Designer


Administrative Project

Patrizia Pozzi, Alice Fratti, Giulia Fontana


Blevio, Como


dal 2019, in progress


HRC S.P.A, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


23.000 mq

Consultans Ernesto Mistrangelo: Agronomo, indagini fitostatiche e consulenza per la scelta delle essenze botaniche

Azienda Agricola Green design Cristina Mazzucchelli, consultancy service and assistance in botanical choices


HWStyile: construction and greenery


Stefano Dentice di Accadia


George Apostolidis

Mandarin Oriental, Lake Como.