Landscape for the “Maciachini centre” in Milan

Landscape for the “Maciachini centre” in Milan

The landscape project of the tertiary and commercial center, accompanies the general architectural choices.

The “green” has been conceived as a “Vegetal Architecture” that creates volumes of full and empty spaces and perspective effects, the tree choices are concentrated on free-form and low maintenance species that leave space for large lawn areas.


Landscaping project for the “Maciachini center”

Landscape designer 

Patrizia Pozzi

Architectural designer

(Fase 1) Maurice Kanah; (Fase 2) Alessandro Scandurra, Italo Rota, Paolo Pasquini, Sauerbruch & Hutton


Quartiere Maciachini, Milano




Investitore: Doughty Hanson & Co Real Estate Developer: Europa Risorse Srl