Landscape per il complesso residenziale “Orsa Maggiore”

Landscape per il complesso residenziale “Orsa Maggiore”

In Assago , a new and important residential complex has the need to develop a landscape project to accommodate residents of all ages.

The masterplan sees the buildings arranged in such a way as to leave the center a spacious and free view.

The “green” has been conceived as “Vegetal Architecture” that creates volumes of full and empty spaces and perspective effects, the tree choices are concentrated on free-form and low maintenance species that leave space for large lawn areas.

The project articulates the open spaces on the concept of “Green Rooms” that open and close,

surrounded by hedges of different colors and different postures.


Landscape project for the “Orsa Maggiore” complex

Landscape designer 

Patrizia Pozzi

Lucio Zanfi

Location Brisino, Stresa

Year 2001

Client Sviluppo Immobiliare Corio

Area 33.500 mq


Piffaretti: green works


Dario Fusaro