Listen to the wind

Listen to the wind

The place


On the border with Greece in an abandoned place where nature had taken over, the client, inspired by the desire to bring the concept of “beauty” into his corporate culture, asked us to design the landscape and architecture for a new port for the storage of oil products.

We walked for a long time on the beach to listen to nature through its elements: water, wind, clouds, light and sand…


The wind was blowing hard on that piece of shoreline...
The many white clouds rushed through the sky...
Right after a shell was found on the beach...
From these suggestions we generated the ``concept``.
``Dwelling in nature``


The strong wind seeks us out and creates “protection”…
The Aleppian pines and tamarisk trees, bent by the wind, bore witness to this.
The many clouds running in the sky suggested the dominant colour of the architecture: white…
A shell found on the shoreline inspired the “spiral” formal research that could give a 360-degree view of the landscape but at the same time create a protection from the inside.

The first sketches came out immediately, the same day.


The design idea originated from a long and careful observation of the place: the site was in fact characterized by a strong and violent wind that covered the seashells on the beach with sand, made the clouds run and bent the Aleppo pines and tamarisk trees.
The shells found during the long inspection determined the shape of the residences and the lighthouse tower, 33 meters high, which houses conference rooms, exhibition halls and a belvedere.

Construction site

Traditional construction techniques related to Albanian handicrafts have been prepared on the construction site.
The people worked with great passion, mostly by hand; the scaffolding was wood and the stones used, in circular economy, were the same extracted from the construction excavations.
Very few materials: local stones, teak wood, lime plaster in balance with what nature already offered: water, sand, stones, Aleppo pines and tamarisk.

The final result

Nature has generated architecture that has naturally reintegrated itself into the landscape...
A few months later, nature itself has shaped and covered the ground, creating the soft dunes visible in the photographs.

Light reflections

Natural light, both day and night, cuts through the architecture creating delicate plays of light and shadow and for this reason very little artificial light has been added.

Nature and architecture merge without boundaries.

ProjectLandscape and architecture for a new port of oil products

Landscape and architectural designer Patrizia Pozzi

Executive project

ENERECO engineering and service

Water project and maritime works IDROTEC

Location Valona, Albania

Year 2013

Client PIR Group, an important operator of port logistics that concretely supports the taste for beauty in the company culture

Area 60.000 mq


Photography Davide Forti