Oreal headquarters in Milan

Oreal headquarters in Milan

In a peripheral area of Milan, an abandoned complex of buildings is becoming the new headquarters of Oreal Italia.

They requested us to create an Italian-style garden, with the limit of a maximum 18 cm thick ground above the insole of the garage.

Our concept was that the inside garden had to be used mainly from above and from the working place, with no vertical structure that could make an obstacle to its visibility.

The project inspiration did originate from an ancient pencil design of a baroque parterre. The drawing was made out of scale, rotated and inserted in the court of 2000 m2.

Using new materials we have obtained a modern Italian style garden, that was able to grow in a very small ground layer. In 2003 we were among the first to obtain plant coverage of this type of insole.


Design of the outdoor spaces of the L’Oreal office building

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi

Architectural designer

Architetti Gianmaria e Roberto Beretta






Doughty Hanson & Co Real Estate: investor

Europa Risorse Srl per L’Oreal Italia: developer

Area 2150 mq


HWStyle: green works


Matteo Piazza

Patrizia Pozzi