Orticola di Lombardia Mostra mercato 2006

Orticola di Lombardia Mostra mercato 2006

Communication and contact have always been an opportunity for comparison to understand people’s tastes, needs and trends.  In our studio we have always dedicated time and resources to make the world of nature better known.

After the great success at the Salone del Mobile (during which it was presented as a collateral event to Patrizia Pozzi’s Studio), Giardino Marino was chosen by Orticola Lombardia for the 2006 edition to be held at the “Indro Montanelli” Public Gardens in via Palestro in Milan.

Giardino Marino is a submerged garden, enclosed in a glass dome that guards in the abysses a fantastic world that, like that of Captain Nemo of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, is governed by peace and, in particular, by the harmony of shapes and colours, where screeching and protervia are forbidden to all titles.

Greenhouses and glass that become aquariums, floors that turn into sea beds, vases and plants that become anemones, silvery moonbeams that filter into the deep blue: a place where you can let yourself be lulled by relaxing waves, dreaming that you are still a child.


Installation with Glasshouse


Patrizia Pozzi

Angelo Jelmini/AAAHHHAAA


Giardini Idro Montanelli




Orticola di Lombardia


Blackout: light design

Fantini Mosaici: mosaics and marbles

Hydroware: Green Works

Icona: digital graphics

Officina dei giardini: greenhouse


Giorgio Majno

Davide Forti