Villa Mimosa, San Colombano

Villa Mimosa, San Colombano

In the context of an historical private property of the 16-17th century placed at the foot of the Castle a country street did separate neatly the castle from the underlying buildings.

This space is characterized by a very steep ground and thus it is not accessible. After having listened to the requests of the client, we have inspected the site and after careful cleaning and pruning of the vegetation we have found again the original structure of the park, emphasizing once more that nature transforms the places, but at the same time preserves them, so that hidden treasures can be taken back to light.

The renovation of this place started from joining again the landscape between the castle and the other buildings. Thus, we did provide new value to the pre-existing structure that was in a state of abandon, and put in evidence again the trees. The project, agreed upon by the client, managed to give back to the site the flavour of an historical place.


Recovery of the historical park of Villa Mimosa

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi


San Colombano, Milano


since 1997, in progress




12.000 mq

Consultans Ernesto Mistrangelo: agronomist


Stefano Castaldi: gardeners

Piante Mati: greenery

A.M. Casale: greenery


Dario Fusaro