MGP hosts the Terra Sanca Museum committee

MGP hosts the Terra Sanca Museum committee

from June 2013
Milan Green Point hosts the Promoting Committee of the “Terra Sancta Museum“.

at Milan Green Point via Frisi 3, 20129 Milan (MI)

Project leader and promoter: ATS Pro Terra Sancta

ComitatoP.Hibrahim Faltas (Chairman) Alberto Aldrighetti, Mario Bertacco, Marco Galatei di Genola, Massimo Capuani, Guido Della Frera, Tommaso Saltini, Doni Ferrari, Elena Croci, Monica Masolo.

In 2015 the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land will inaugurate the Terra Sancta Museum in Jerusalem, the only museum in the world on the roots of Christianity and the conservation of the Holy Places.

The founding body is the Custody of the Holy Land, a fraternity of religious who for over 800 years have guarded the Places of the Redemption, in concert with the Studium Biblicum Francescanum, a scientific institution for research and academic teaching of Sacred Scripture and the archaeology of biblical countries, also based in Jerusalem.

The promoters’ desire is to enhance the historical, archaeological and artistic heritage of inestimable value, to make it accessible to all and at the same time to avoid its dispersion, favouring its restoration and conservation.