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Contemporary Landscape,
edited by Luca Molinari – Skira

The landscape, in its different scales and variations, is understood and interpreted as an active resource for the future.
Patrizia Pozzi’s design action is always and in principle measured by an exercise in research and listening to places, and the final project almost always provokes contact between everyday life and nature.
It is no coincidence that Patrizia Pozzi is also very active in educational, playful and design activities that teach us to look at the places we pass through every day with different eyes.
Practice and research have produced places of great quality, born from careful observation of the natural elements in which architecture is inserted. The volume is a monographic anthology that recounts through images the works of the Milanese designer and her philosophy of greenery as an integral part of architectural projects.

Landscape Design,
edited by Lucia Valerio – Electa

Natural landscapes, stone, glass, synthetic.
Gardens in eighteen centimetres of land and public spaces, landscapes to be reforested and imaginative sea gardens like aquariums for humans. Patrizia Pozzi’s works tell us what is happening today in the landscape architecture panorama. This book is a guide to the poetic and functional scenario of landscape design, and presents a transversal, interdisciplinary creative process that takes its cues from different worlds: from art and architecture, from children’s play and the infinite forms offered by nature, from dreams and the most concrete functional needs. And from the genius loci, the soul that every place has. The book reveals a “Made in Italy” reality of landscape architecture strongly innovative and at the same time deeply rooted in our traditions.