A swimming pool in an ancient property in Erba

A swimming pool in an ancient property in Erba

In the frame of an historical property in the hills around Erba the client asked us to design a new swimming pool.


The place, strongly characterized by century old samples of beeches and cedars, led the client to consider to place the pool as close as possible to the place where he lives during the vacation period.

Where the landscape has an important historical role, very often no attention is paid to more marginal features, often abandoned and buried by the growth of the vegetation.


On the contrary these are the very places that stimulate renovation, position and features of intervention.

In this place, a former greenhouse, its vegetable gardens and orchard in the context of the surrounding landscape, inspired to us the project to insert the new swimming pool on a simple surface close to the stone wall, in order to reflect as surface the lights and colors of the farm. The greenhouse was recovered as a winter garden.


Project for the inclusion of a swimming pool in a historic park in Erba

Landscape designer 

Patrizia Pozzi


Erba, Como






2.000 mq


Ernesto Mistrangelo: agronomist

De Santis: building works

Madame Pot: coloured resin vases

Piante Spertini Laveno: green works