Biolake in the Bogogno golf field

Biolake in the Bogogno golf field

Inside the Bogogno golf field we were requested to create an unitarian view for the whole place. Thus, our idea was to conceive a large biolake. Indeed water is one of the most special elements offered by nature, being an ecosystem in motion, that is able to create continuity. The biolake is as yet not finished, but is already and spontaneously created.

The project involved a careful evaluation of the fitodepuration by mean of sections made different for each lake border, being used also to define the place of adding natural stones. At the moment the project is fully integrated in the landscape , as it was always there.


Project of a biolago in the Golf of Bogogno

Landscape designer 

Patrizia Pozzi

Architectural designer

Architettura+Design di Andrea Lapasini Pandozy


Bogogno, Novara


dal 2007, in progress


Delta Green Srl
Società Lantero Srl

Area 180.000 mq