Campus Mediaset a Cologno Monzese

Campus Mediaset a Cologno Monzese

The fountain of the Giulio Cesare square was projected and implemented by the architect Gerla in 1927 and placed in the middle of the square to provide value to the main entry of the former Trade Fair.


The project of requalification on the whole square has been developed respecting the functional destination foreseen from in original plan of a public space connecting the city and the future park.


The square is inserted into an axial system of tree-rich boulevards and squares that join the Firenze with Napoli squares, across the area of future transformation of the Fair Trade that, on the Giulio Cesare square, produces a visual cone on the project itself.


The goals were to give back to the city a public space with a strong presence of green elements, spaces dedicated to parking and a large grass area with the goal to walk, and relax and to create a strong visual cone towards the future park.


Masterplan for the new Mediaset Campus

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi

Architectural designer


Structural designer

Bcube srl


Cologno Monzese, Milan






30.000 mq