House surrounded by mediterranean nature, Schoinoussa

House surrounded by mediterranean nature, Schoinoussa

Immersed in a silent place in contact with the sea, where it is possible to breathe the acrid smells of the countryside and walk among the fields, a new architecture arises.

An house able to respect the signs of the local tradition and perfectly in line with the atmosphere of this island which is still considered heaven on earth for all those who dream of a simple life.

Our project included the choice of the place, the framing of the best perspective views, the choice of the appropriate orientation to maintain a constant dialogue with the sea and the countryside and finally the realization of this architecture gently accompanied by a deep sense of simplicity, nature of this island and its inhabitants.


Architectural and landscape design for a home surrounded by Greek nature

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi


Schoinoussa, Southern aegean


2019 in progress




6.900 mq