Farmhouse in Monferrato

Farmhouse in Monferrato

On the hills of Monferrato, a family willing to remain in contact with nature asked us to unify again this abandoned site with the surrounding landscape.


A new hypogea architecture was thus conceived by us with the goal to host the agricultural activities and to give more weight and visibility to the terrace in front of the farmhouse.


The green carpet of the terrace was entirely placed on insole. All around we have planned vegetable gardens, orchards, hazelnut groves, olive groves and a swimming pool infinity 16 meters long.

In the evening fireflies are lit by the lights Ramett, developed by Patrizia Pozzi and produced by Luce & Light.


Clouds of varieties of expansive Gramineae, together with verbena bonariensi ed Echinacea purpura, surround the various terraces, providing a comprehensive view without limits between the new project and the surrounding landscape.


Landscaping project and construction of new underground architecture and waterfall pool in the vineyards

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi

with Valentina Cardani, Caterina Garampazzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia and Sabina Chiodi


Mombello Monferrato, Alessandria






16.000 mq

Consultans Ernesto Mistrangelo: agronomo


HWStyle: greenery

Impresa Edile Patrucco: construction


Patrizia Pozzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia, Valentina Cardani