Indoor swimming pool in a villa in Carnate

Indoor swimming pool in a villa in Carnate

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The complete renovation of two former semi-detached villas, as part of the new redistribution of interior / exterior spaces, led us to think at the request of the customer, a swimming pool to live all year round. It was essential that it overlooks the garden, which was part of it, to give the possibility to be directly connected to it in the hot months and that it overlooks it in the cold months. The swimming pool was designed inside, annexed to the Spa, covered and heated, obtained on the surface of the former garage, on the lower floor and there the garden has been reinvented in continuity with the existing one.


Restoration of a residential building

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi


Carnate, Brianza






2.100 mq


Blackout: light design

De Santis: building works

Fantini Mosaici: mosaics and marbles

Piante Spertini Laveno: green works


Dario Fusaro

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