Orticola di Lombardia Mostra mercato 2004

Orticola di Lombardia Mostra mercato 2004

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Communication and contact have always been an opportunity for comparison useful to understand people’s tastes, needs and trends and, for us, especially to stimulate contact and knowledge of nature.

In our studio, we have always dedicated time and resources to making the world of nature known.

The “gastone” sofa from the “Landscape forniture” line created by us has been chosen by Orticola Lombardia for the 2004 edition to be held at the “Indro Montanelli” Public Gardens in via Palestro in Milan.

Gastone belongs to the line of interior and exterior furnishings that are born from the concept of hedges and evoke the Italian style gardens that characterize our historical sites.


Equipment for Orticola 2004


Patrizia Pozzi

Angelo Jelmini/AAAHHHAAA






Orticola di Lombardia