Residential and tertiary complex in Varese

Residential and tertiary complex in Varese

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In the hinterland of the Varese city, an area of abandoned factories is transformed into a residential complex.


The idea is to increase in height the base of the intervention in order to avoid the traffic noise and to establish again the visual prospective with the nearby historical park.


Inside it, a new light and modern landscape involves the residential areas. A few materials and plant species allow to create a space full of beauty and harmony.


Nature is expressed by mean of one of its typical elements: the leaf. The Acero Palmato becomes indeed the main motif of the area and all around a new green surface is fully built on insole and is resolved through a modern key.


Landscaping project of the outdoor spaces of a new building for residential and tertiary/commercial use.

Landscape designer

Patrizia Pozzi

Architectural designer

Studio Capelli Architettura

FSB Architettura

Studio di Architettura Franco Segre








11.000 mq


Gervasini: greenery