“Giardino Marino”, Fuorisalone 2006 event

“Giardino Marino”, Fuorisalone 2006 event

Greenhouses and glass that become aquariums, floors that turn into backdrops, pots and plants that become anemones, silvery moonbeams that filter into the deep blue: a place to let yourself be lulled by relaxing waves, dreaming that you are still a child.

Giardino Marino is a submerged garden, enclosed in a glass dome that guards in its abysses a fantastic world that, like that of Captain Nemo of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, is governed by peace and, in particular, by the harmony of shapes and colours, where screeching and proterbia are in every title banned.

With the placet of Poseidon, lord of the sea, and of the Nereids, water nymphs, in the MARINE GARDEN immersed in the depths of the sea between the blue of the waters (the greenhouse windows by L’Officina dei Giardini), the silvery moonbeams (the lights of Blackout/Light design), the vermilion of the coral portal and the seabed in exotic lava chipped from glass paste (the tiles and flooring of Fantini Mosaici), powerful coral ramifications appear: the Nautilus coral benches designed by Patrizia Pozzi and Angelo Jelmini for Serralunga and the variegated pebbles polished by salt water (Patrizia Pozzi’s Flin stones for Serralunga).

Next to them, flexuous and tentacular, emerge enormous sea anemones (vases designed by Ron Arad for Serralunga).

A project to amaze again, a place to be lulled by relaxing waves, but, first of all, a means to present innovative outdoor design, especially for gardens.


Installation “Giardino Marino” during Design Week


Patrizia Pozzi

Angelo Jelmini/AAAAHHHAAA studio




Blackout: light design

Fantini Mosaici: mosaics and marbles

Hydroware: green works

Icon: digital graphics

Garden workshop: greenhouse