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The place is characterized by an abandoned rural farmhouse, with no view towards the countryside, leaning against a very steep escarpment and a road that crosses it.
A space where nature had not had the opportunity to express itself following harmony and light.

Current status

After a careful renovation, for residential use, we have taken care to rebuild and mend the landscape in accordance with the precise desire, on the part of the client, to reintegrate into the land the agricultural activities related to orchards and hazelnut groves.
The landscape project starts from the creation of a first terrace obtained from the very steep section of the escarpment and this allowed to give depth of field to the surrounding land.
In order to support this first terracing we thought of inserting in the lower part the agricultural premises that would be used for the productive activity.
With this concept we have developed the ground around the farmhouse, thus creating flat surfaces to accommodate the new orchards and hazelnut groves.
Always with the same criterion we have located the swimming pool, enhanced by the particular light of the sunset that is reflected on the surface.


The construction site has involved excavation work and carry-over, which was significant and in some cases also difficult due to the very clayey soil.

Building site

In addition to the extensive hazelnut groves we have brought some examples of olive trees, a majestic and elegant Parrotia Persica and many fruit trees that have been placed on the terraces in the countryside behind the farmhouse.

The result at the end of the project shows the continuity between architecture and nature and the elimination of boundaries with the surrounding countryside.

Final results

The 16 metre long infinity pool with waterfall has been laid out on an intermediate floor between the farmhouse and the cultivated fields in such a way as to offer a viewing angle to be discovered little by little.

Swimming pool

Nature offers us designers the possibility to perceive light through its own elements; in this case we can contemplate the reflections of light at sunset that make the Pennisetum Macrorum and the surface of the water golden.

Natura e architettura si fondono senza lasciare confini.

Reflections of light

The arboreal planting was designed to be extensive, so that the landscape would not be perceived solely as a garden but as a whole.
We therefore used the same plants used in the fields: olive trees, hazelnuts and fruit trees, even in the areas in front of the farmhouse and again fields of grasses (similar to wheat) to form soft waves in the vast countryside. The vegetable garden also takes part in this harmonious whole called landscape.


The agricultural landscape has returned to a unified vision, with no boundaries between the private and the surrounding countryside.

Project Landscaping project and construction of new underground architecture and waterfall pool in the vineyards

Landscape and architectural designer

Patrizia Pozzi

With Valentina Cardani,Caterina Garampazzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia e Sabina Chiodi


Mombello Monferrato, Alessandria

Year 2017

Client Private

Area 16.000 mq


HWStyle: greenery

Impresa Edile Patrucco: building works

Photography Patrizia Pozzi, Stefano Dentice di Accadia, Valentina Cardani