Urban Agriculture survival kit, Fuorisalone 2014

Urban Agriculture survival kit, Fuorisalone 2014

The new design collaboration created for this exhibition involves three subjects dealing with culture, contemporary art, landscape architecture and design, committed, through a plurality of languages, to laying the foundations for a sensitivity towards the peri-urban landscape.

URBAN AGRICULTURE SURVIVAL KIT was born from the desire to make known the initiative “Risaie Survival Signal Mirror”, realized by Massimo Cutini inside the Rice Park (for the action Cascine Committenti of the project Dencity curated by Connecting Cultures) and the many reflections that arose around it.  He wants to continue the discourse started in a restricted area with a few hundred participants and spread it to the public of the Fuori Salone – but not only – so that what has been said and collected will not be lost.

The reflections born on the theme of urban agriculture and focused on this specific peri-urban area on the outskirts of southern Milan will therefore be extended to a dimension that is not only national, in an attempt to define and perfect the relationship between nature and culture that every industrialized city should face.

Our line of outdoor furniture in artificial hedge “landscape forniture” was born on this occasion and was presented inside the courtyard. In those years the theme of the “Italian garden” was often used as a testimony of our tradition, so we wanted to subvert this idea by transforming the boxwood hedges into a series of seats. It was a unique opportunity to be in contact with people who, incredulous and a little surprised, had begun to ask themselves questions about nature and the domestic habitat….


Multidisciplinary exhibition on the theme of the periurban landscape

Creative Director

Patrizia Pozzi, Angelo Jelmini per AAAHHHAAA




Milano Green Point


Dott.ssa Roberta Natali: coordination, communication and secretariat

Maddalena Boatto, Sabina Chiodi, Edoardo Allievi, Lorenc Memaga: Architects

Francesca Bussi, Federica Bozzola, Giulia Mangani: Landscape designers


Davide Forti